Thread Lift – Blepharoplasty (Limited to 40 Threads)

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Are you looking to improve your profile and the jowls that have formed due to the aging process? While it is natural to feel this way when wrinkles and skin laxity become more prominent, you don’t have to result to surgery to achieve this youthful appearance. Thread Lifting serves as a highly effective non-surgical alternative to correct age lines and tighten the skin across the neck and face. Thread Lifting is a one-of-a-kind rejuvenating treatment that safely and effectively improves skin quality and facial outlines. This innovative treatment utilizes two effects to promote youthful skin: repositioning tissue and collagen generation. One of the greatest benefits of this exciting treatment is that it grants minimal downtime, allowing you to show off your youthful results faster than more invasive options.

People of all genders who are looking for a minimally invasive means of correcting minor skin laxity and wrinkles may consider this treatment.


Note: All treatments are performed in office by a licensed medical professional.

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PDO Barbed Thread Per Thread, Smooth/Twist Single Thread Per Thread